Access for the project was provided from the east by agreement with Lower Town Farm to join the Roman track from North to South with the Church.  The Roman track was partially stoned to provide access for the contractors’ vehicles and equipment. 


Pointing and grouting using lime mortar was required to avoid water ingress and external scaffolding was erected for this purpose. The mortar mix was carefully selected from site samples to match the original pointing.


Pinnacles were reset and secured on stainless steel dowels, as were merlons to the crenellated parapet, and new lead roof and access trap provided to tower.


Interior of the tower was provided with a permanent ladder access to tower roof. Blockwork to the walls and steel beams to the roof visible in the image are from previous structural repairs.


Membrane provided and new ventilated floor laid to the south side of the Church, where the original had decayed due to ground moisture.


Crack on west elevation was repaired, wall was stitched with stainless steel bars and a new window fixed above.


Scaffold in interior to allow plaster repairing and reinforcement to roof arches and interior decoration.


A new accessible toilet, tea station and storage shed was provided using purified water recycled from the church and shed roof.
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